We carefully tracked and analysed the market and recognised that both many customers and many companies still hadn't completely understood the extend and the value of transparent communication and big data marketing. But due to the missing structure in the internet this wasn't surprising.

We think that a economy system can only function well when the people who invest their time and money into products and services also have a say in the development and creation of those products and services. We want to avoid that these people stop putting their voice to use when they recognise that companies will no longer regard their feedback due to the complexity of big data.


We want to help companies to involve their customers not only based on their consumption but based on their needs and we want to help customers to evaluate companies not only based on their promotion but based on the collectively rated qualities.

We want to help both parties to understand that manipulation and lack of transparency might bring advantages in the short term but that they work against the long-term success of everybody involved.


We bring customers and companies together and allow a worry-less, transparent exchange of information. Thereby we put emphasis on the objective validation of this information to make it as free of manipulation as possible.

Connecting Powerful Relations

Vimbee's Origin

  • Ehsan Shirangi Managing Director Vimbee

    Ehsan Shriangi

    Managing Director, Vimbee

    With a clear concept and a hand full of highly motivated team members we reached a point where we can present Vimbee with a good conscience. Vimbee evolved from an idea which was developed further over the last 10 years by Ehsan Shirangi. After having lost both parents he came to Germany as a war refugee and took the opportunity to follow his interests by studying Communication and Graphic Design followed by Web Development.


Developing a social media platform with benefits for businesses and consumers

  • 2009

    Social Media Establishing

    Social media has established oneself as a very important factor for collective expression of opinion, but doesn't offer a platform for eCommerce. Therefore there exists hardly any willingness on behalf of the companies to communicate via these networks.

  • 2010

    Company Communication via Social Media

    Companies gradually try to integrate social media into their own company communication. But due to a hasty and untargeted approach only little ROI.

  • 2010 - 2015

    Conception and Creation of Vimbee

    Created a clear goal für Vimbee with new insights and a more precise concept and started implementing.

  • 2015

    Vimbee Launch

    Foundation through 1st Venture Capital (European Social Fonds) and first online presence of

Common goals

We firmly believe that we are able to allow companies and customers to stop being afraid to provide each other transparently with their data. That is exactly how we can take a step towards the common goal of products and services with better quality and better detectability.

Our principle

Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you.
If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you.

Michael Jordan, NBA Legend
Marc W. Chief Evangelist

With his creative background in the media industry and his love for transparency Marc actively and responsibly shapes company goals by advocating additional value for users and the results of our work without taking the profit of our company into account.

Marc W. vimbee Team
Alexander R. M. Sc - Software engineering

With a bachelors degree in IT studies with a focus on usability, a masters degree with expertise in artificial intelligence and long-term experience in the realisation of big web projects as a developer, in team management, in planning and as a data protection officer Alex supports Vimbee i.a. in the area of server programming.

Alex R. vimbee Team
Ehsan Shirangi Conception, Design, Development

With an extensive allround-experience from the conceptualisation and designing to the programming of big web projects, as well as with his relentless discipline and passion Ehsan not only makes it possible to realise the creation with sensitivity but also organise the strategic procedure and to strengthen the cohesion of the team.

Shirangi Shirangi Managing Director

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

- Henry Ford -

Vimbee enables:

  • A structured digital depiction of economic relations
  • Clear and honest communication
  • Transparent and fair, customer-oriented business strategies
  • Sustainable progress in product development
  • Realness and authenticity
  • Unmanipulated referral marketing

Vimbee prohibits:

  • Manipulation
  • Throwaway society
  • Unnecessary consumption
  • Fake ratings and fake feedback
  • Whitewashing or badmouthing
  • Exploitation of human, animal or natural resources

How we want to achieve this:

With a structured system which is of use for companies and customers equally. With usability, simplicity and the possibility to discover new connections. With clarity to make conscious decisions.

Vimbee Colonge Dom Valley

Thanks Cologne

Our own hearts are burning in fervor for the beautiful city Cologne. This endearing media oasis offers us as a company not just an outstanding network of cooperation partners and supporters, but luckily it is also teeming with indulgent and vivid people.

People who like to polarize with their open manner, but at the same time people who don't take themselves too seriously and yet always tell clearly what they feel. This is exactly what makes Cologne a city that often makes us laugh heartily and smile amusedly, but never leaves us cold.

Proponents, Supporters & Investors

People who see potential in us

Kapitalbeteiligungsgeselsschaft NRW

Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft für die mittelständische Wirtschaft in Nordrhein-Westfalen mbH - KBG -

The private equity firm for medium-sized businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia mbH -KBG- promotes growth-oriented companies in all industries, technology companies and start-ups in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a holding company it is a reliable financing partner who is looking for entrepreneurial success with you.

The European Social Fund for Germany

The ESF shall promote practical projects, which have effect locally. The ESF is not an employment agency. Rather, it promotes employment-related projects at local, regional and national levels, the, goals, size and target groups vary greatly in terms of Art.

Win with Vimbee

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