Creating Success with an Effective System

For the first time Vimbee offers companies the opportunity to structuredly capture real user-generated content and use it with unique synergetic data processing for a sustainable self-improvement. With a resource-friendly information structure a highly efficient system is provided to economically define and achieve quantitative and qualitative company goals.

An Uncomplicated Way Towards Innovation

Making targeted and results-driven decisions through close customer proximity

Be Powerful with Vimbee

Overlapping additional values in all fields of your own environment.

Understand customers and build relationships

Through a detailed knowledge of real behaviour and specific expectations, pattern formations and the immediate integration of consumers, a closer relationship and trust are created to address customers action-orientatedly and behaviour-dependently. With little effort and based on real marketing.

Know the market place and segment in more detail

Real-time differentiating, characterising and maxing out existing and emerging markets situationally depending on consumer behaviour. This way market potentials, innovations and trends can be recognised early.

Create your own offerings targetedly

Capturing and evaluating the response to your offerings for a targeted advance in your own development and to better meet expectations. This way the return on invest is increased through the higher success probability in the range of innovation.

Observe competition and react in the right way

Precisely analysing competitors in terms of their market position, behaviour and structure to targetedly use the right strategies for self positioning through differentiation, specialisation or pricing.

Use and measure channels effectively

Precisely identifying and evaluating sales channels and administrating your own portfolio centrally and therefore resource-friendly. Analysing existing infrastructure to develop your own market position and get an exact overview about reach and quality- and price-level of the distribution channels.

People Act Like They Think

The knowledge of thoughts and experiences is the way to long-term binding.

Social Customer Insights

Statistical evaluation of customer opinions and activity to develop successful strategies.

Real-Time Analytics

Representative market research and creating real customer profiles through global behaviour- and spending patterns.

Efficient Progress

Significant information for a future- and customer-oriented development of products and services.

Customer oriented Marketing

Targeted and situational approach of customers for a high probability of success.

Win with Vimbee

Conscientious Culture for Consistent Reliability

Vimbee stands for efficient and clear communication and the responsible and sustainable handling of global resources.

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

(Roman Philosopher and Dramatist)

Unambiguous honesty, transparency and a positive orientation are the top priority at Vimbee and will continuously realised in all fields of business through a respectful and sustainable path of steady improvement. Here you can find further information about the corporate culture of Vimbee.

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